Chocolate Chunk Blondies

I am not a huge blondie person. I’m a brownie person. These are qualities that are determined early and not likely to change. However, I made Bourbon Brownies twice in the last few weeks and was tired of them, so I decided to make something else crowd and finger friendly, for a Labor Day weekend BBQ at a good friend and neighbor’s house. (Hi Kelly!)

Ina Garten says she’s not a baker, but I find that with her large group recipes, she really gets it right, where as the billion of Martha Stewart dessert recipes can be time-consuming. These are easy – meaning hard to mess up – and delicious even to brownie-preferrers like me. They really are like a chocolate-chip cookie made into a bar. Chewy and with a great crust. Try them!


One thought on “Chocolate Chunk Blondies

  1. Super delicious and a crowd pleaser for sure! I know that whenever Anna Kate comes over, she is sure to bring something delicious and these blondies did not disappoint 🙂


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