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Malcolm’s Birthday Cake

Malcolm turned 2 on May 14 and making his cake was a really fun endeavor! I wanted to make something large enough to feed a bunch of family, friends, and neighbors, and something that Malcolm would recognize and love. My birthday cake when I turned 2 was an amazing Big Bird cake that my mom lovingly hand piped! She made this from a mold, which are actually hard to find now – I looked for a mold for The Count from Sesame Street and only found used ones on Ebay for $50!

What an incredible Mom, right? I have a lot to live up to.

These are the images I found online (I absolutely should be crediting these, and will go back to try to find their sources, but I just took screenshots with my phone.)

I also didn’t want to do fondant because 1) I have no experience with fondant and 2) I don’t love the way it tastes. I couldn’t decide between The Count, Cookie Monster, and Elmo, so I did all 3! I did The Count cake the night before Malcolm’s party, with Sol’s parents and Aunt Connie, and a 2 tier, butter/vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream layer, and chocolate cake/chocolate buttercream layer. It turned out pretty well!

It was a great day! The cake was definitely a labor of love (about 12 hours worth, including hammering a piping tip into what I needed for “fur”) and was just one more example to me of how you can’t understand how much your parents love you until you experience loving your own child!