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Elana’s Pantry Keto Mac & Cheese Skillet Casserole

In an effort to eat fewer carbs but still eat cheesy comfort food for dinner, I made Elana’s Pantry Keto Mac & Cheese Skillet Casserole. If you haven’t been to Elana’s Pantry, her website is a treasure trove of low-carb, low-sugar, Paleo and Keto recipes. This casserole with a salad is a perfect comfort dinner for any night of the week, and it got Sol’s approval!


Dinner Diary

Dinner Diary

I’m starting this blog mostly for me. Every week, I look through my recipes (in a big binder, in plastic sleeves), my new Bon Appetit, and a few handy websites, to create family dinners for 4-5 nights. I then use those recipes to create a grocery list, so I can shop for the whole week at once. And every week, I have trouble remembering exactly what we ate last week (I’ve started to keep notes in my phone) and sometimes I forget recipes that we loved. This blog is truly a Dinner Diary. A way to list all of the family dinners we eat each week, so that I don’t lose track, and perhaps to review and post pictures if possible. I’m not sure how far and wide I will share this, but that’s the plan for now!